Why RHInnO Ethics?

High quality, efficient and technology-driven review of research protocols is what current Research Ethics Committees (RECs) need to remain compliant to the demand of the 21st century "digital" researchers. RHInnO Ethics provides a one stop shop which enables administrators, researchers and

reviewers to comprehensively manage the entire review cycle, including protocol submission, reviewing protocols, approval and follow-up through an online platform.

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What is new on 1.2
and what to expect on 2.0?

RHInnO Ethics 1.2

We present you the brand new version 1.2. This upgrade will be available for all RECs using our platform on June 3rd 2016.

Here is what is new on RHInnO Ethics now:

  • Minor performance improvements: Our development team is constantly working to deliver the best platform every day.
  • Cycle selection: Now Researchers can move unsubmitted applications tied to already expired cycles to currently available ones. A link to start this move procedure appears automatically on expired applications.
  • Submission certificates via e-mail: Once a Researcher submits successfully an application, the Submission Certificate in PDF format will be automatically sent via e-mail to all involved in the application (investigators, responsible for communications, etc).
  • Automated protocol numbering: Administrators may optionally enable an automated protocol numbering system that generates an unique protocol in a pre-defined format for every new submission. The protocol number format accepts a wide range of customization options that can be set by the Administrators on the Institution configuration.
  • Better protocol handling: RHInnO Ethics' workflow for the Administrators was improved to allow a better management of the Protocol Numbers. Now Protocol Numbers can be optionally set during the Internal Review Checklist or anytime latter on the Proposal Management Screen.

Further details can be found on the user manuals available on the platform.

And coming soon, RHInnO Ethics 2.0

Scheduled to be launched in the last quarter of this year, RHInnO Ethics version 2.0 promises to revolutionize ethics review and empower RECs in Africa and beyond...

  • Ability for REC administrators to customize: Using a list of standard questions, administrator will be able to select specific questions and generate a default questionnaires suitable for the needs and expectations of their individual institutions
  • Proof of entitlement: REC administrators will now be able to vet researchers for legibility before authorizing them to make submission to their RECs. This will avoid receiving submissions from unauthorized researchers who do not belong or have no affiliation to the institutions they submit
  • Monitoring of Serious Adverse Events (SAEs): RECs will be able to effectively monitor clinical trials through reporting of SAEs and perform other pharmacovigilance functionalities
  • Improved interactivity: Administrators, researchers and reviewers will now be able to engage in closed discussion forums with each other, resulting into improved communication, interactivity and intra-institutional support amongst all players in the entire review cycle
  • Improved interfaces: RHInnO Ethics 2.0 will have a better interface and is more user friendly. The look and feel is just excellent, hence increasing usability and end-user efficiency
  • Financial reporting: With a budget functionality available, RHInnO Ethics 2.0 will enable administrators to query for simple financial statics that can be used to facilitate strategic decision making by the REC.

What does RHInnO Ethics do?

For Researchers, RHInnO Ethics can:

  • Submit your protocol and support documents online
  • Track the progress of your protocol
  • Receive automated notifications on the status of your protocol
  • Access reviewers' comments online
  • Access institutional resources such as templates and policy guidelines electronically

For Ethics Reviewers, RHInnO Ethics can:

  • Receive and accept/decline invitations to review protocols electronically
  • Access assigned protocols and supporting documents electronically
  • Comment on assigned protocols and send your review report to the administrator electronically
  • Access available guidelines and policies for RECs electronically

For Administrators, RHInnO Ethics can:

  • Receive notifications when new protocols are submitted
  • Coordinate the beginning and end of a review cycle electronically (cycle management)
  • Conduct a quick appraisal of protocols before sending to reviewers (internal review)
  • Invite reviewers to review protocols electronically
  • Collate reviewers' comments electronically and send to researchers
  • Monitor progress of protocol review online and alert reviewers of delays

What functionalities RHInnO Ethics have?

Online submission, review and management of protocols

RHInnO Ethics you no longer have to worry about sending and receiving bulky printed copies of protocols for review! RHInnO Ethics provides a fully automated online system that enables REC administrators, researcher and reviews manage the entire review process online.

Universal access

RHInnO Ethics is a cloud based platform. As such, you can access it anywhere anytime so long as you have internet access. Given the low bandwith RHInnO Ethics uses, it is accessible through computers, tables and smartphones which enables REC members to conduct their review at their own convenience.

Online monitoring and management

RHInnO Ethics enables you to receive email notifications as well as alerts through the dashboard. This enables you to closely track the status of review and act promptly. In addition, RHInnO Ethics enables you to generate graphs and pie-chats on various review indicators and parameters, which enables you develop an objective strategic plan to improve your REC performance. The automated statics presented on the dashboard also allow REC administrators to proactively monitor the performance of the REC and take action accordingly.

Daily Backups

With daily automatic and manual back-ups, RHInnO Ethics provides a secure platform to protect your data. In addition, RHInnO Ethics servers are running on world-class datacenters, located in diverse geographical locations which provides adequate data security for your data.

What benefits does RHInnO Ethics provide?

Enhanced Quality

  • Automated ethics review process
  • Enables RECs to comply with international standards
  • Monitoring performance of REC

Enhancing Efficiency

  • Enhanced accountability
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Provides statistics for prompt decision making

Effective information and management

  • Enhanced online communication
  • Online feedback and follow-ups
  • Secure cloud based data storage and back-ups


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