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Enhancing the Quality and efficiency of Your Ethics Review Process


RHInnO Ethics enables administrators, researchers and reviewers to comprehensively manage the entire review cycle, including protocol submission, reviewing protocols, approval and follow-up through an online platform.

Overal Efficiency

Avoids Delays in Communication

Avoid Loss of Submissions

Improves Cost Effectiveness


At RHInnO Ethics, the security of your data is our top priority. Our technical team continuously aim to deliver a better and safer service.


We take special care to avoid any data loss. Daily backups are made in 3 separated data centers in diverse geographical locations.

The Platform

Our team has extensive expertise in the development of web applications and continuously aim to improve the security of the platform.

Data Centers

The data centers we use are all SOC-3 compliant and certified with secure data storage and disaster recovery processes in place.

Internal Policies

Our internal policies prevent anyone outside of your institution to access your data.

Disaster Recovery

Our multi data-center architecture allows for full data redundancy and backup procedures to be maintained constantly.

Where are we going: RHInnO Ethics v2.2

RHInnO Ethics has now been installed in many national and institutional research ethics committees (or 'institutional review boards')

RHinno Ethics 2.0 and 2.1 are ideal, cloud-based software solutions for effective and efficient management of all research ethics committee administration. But now we are going further to make it even better. RHinno Ethics 2.2 will have new functionalities that will improve quality, speed up multi-centre reviews, and add to the ongoing learning of research ethics committee members, reviewers and researchers.

EthiCALL adds two functions to RHInnO Ethics:

i) Set up a closed discussion group with other research ethics committees reviewing the same protocol – to discuss complex questions and reduce need for repetitive reviews when one or the other committee changes the protocol.
ii) Ask a question - about a problem you have - to a worldwide community of ethicists and research ethics committees members.

EthiXPERT: As soon as a new version of key ethics review guidelines becomes available, you will know it the same day. And, a bit later, a review of the key implications of any changes to review will be available as well.

Additional improvements

Enhanced Dashboard Interface allows all users to be measured based on performance metrics.
Monitoring of Serious Adverse Events allows RECs to effectively perform pharmacovigilance activities.
Automated Letter Generation allows for improved efficiencies and time lines.
Digital Committee Platform enables paperless meetings.
Customizable Platform allows administrators to select specific questions and generate default questionnaires.

Further enhancements planned for roll-out in 2018/2019

Finance Management (automated invoicing & reporting)

Communication Portal between RECs reviewing same Global Research Project (improved collaboration)

Real-time Notification Center of National and Global Regulatory Updates

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On April 10, 2018, we will be at the Geneva Health Forum discussing RHInnO Ethics. More details, click here


Click here to download the publication "Enhancing the Efficiency and Quality of African Research Ethics Review Processes – Through an Automated Review Platform"

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